Saturday, January 13, 2007

Easy Homemade Fragrance

Before I discuss ways to make "proper" perfume here's an idea for an easy to make fragrance using only home ingredients.

Take about a cup and a half of flower blossoms. You can use rose, lavender, honeysuckle or anything that has a strong fragrance. Chop them roughly and add to three cups of warm water.

Leave the mixture to soak overnight and in the morning strain through cheesecloth or similar material. Put the mixture into an old saucepan (you may not want to use your best pans for this!) and simmer on the stove gently. The emphasis is on the word gently. Use only a very low heat. Reduce until there are only a few tablespoons left.

Cool and store in a suitable bottle. This fragrance will keep for about a month or six weeks in a cool place.


yazz_rox said...

thanx it waz a big help

LinzLily said...

Thank you so much for all of this information, this is so interesting!! I have always been a fragrance "freak", in a good way of course, and this sounds like fun to try.
Thanks, LinzLily

Sindhu said...


Is there any way I can make a perfume or room freshner that smells similar to wet mud pot? I really liked your post, but it seemed like it involves oil extraction. The smell I am talking about is when a mud pot (terracotta pot) gets wet with water. So, I wanted to know if oil extraction supports this smell at all? If not, is there any other way?