Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Essential Oils or Fragrance Oils?

A common question raised in perfume making is whether to use Fragrance Oil or Essential oil. If you've been shopping for both you will have noticed that there is a steep price difference between the two.

Essential oils are, mostly, a natural product derived from flowers or plants. Fragrance oils are a blend, often synthetic, of a number of ingredients usually diluted with an oil carrier.

The recipes here are really designed for essential oils but really there's no reason you cannot use fragrance oils. In fact, I would suggest you start with the much lower cost fragrance oils until you understand the blending process. This will save you a lot of money until you discover what fragrance blend works for your skin.

It's true that the better perfumes will often come from a blend of essential oils, so be prepared to move onto these for the best results.

A few reasons to stick with fragrance oil:

1. Low Cost

2. Some scents are only available with fragrance oil

3. Some people are allergic to essential oil

4. They may have a lower environmental impact. Sometimes several hundred pounds of plants may be needed for a small bottle of essential oil.

And some in favor of essential oil:

1. Some say that they make a better quality perfume

2. They may carry natural health benefits derived from the plants

3. Some people are allergic to fragrance oils

Ultimately, it's your choice in the end. As I've suggested, start with the fragrance oils and if you find yourself wanting to create more advanced perfumes, move onto essential oils.


Anne said...

This is a very interesting blog, thank you. I have lots of questions that I want answered so I will be reading on.

CJay said...

Interesting articles-thanks.I love using essential oils and would recommend their use but I agree with you-the price is sometimes prohibitive if using to make your own blends.

sunflower said...

It is the people like you I am so very thankful for. I keep you pages always on. As I am disabled with memory problems. My dream has ALWAYS been to make my own line. I have a name for it even.
I had my own perfume made foe me 3 yrs. ago. It was going well, but needed "something". I trusted the girl against my own better judgement, for the scent she suggested. I learned that day, how ONE note can throw everything completely off. I went ahead and payed the $35.00, because I did not think I could say no way. Now I know better though because I learned that what was put in that bottle was but a few drops.

I want to try again. MYSELF though. I have started the process of buying bits here and there of both types. My finances do not permit me to buy the ones I "need" for my health emotionally. Son to war 5 husband with a braincyst and was told then that his brain did not fully forn, this is where the cyst grew. And to us, a true miracle, as you would never have guessed!!;) To this day, it amazes us. The dr. does not want to perform surgery yet, to see how his body will do. Get worse or not. But I see it is evident more and more:(

So I took up aromatherapy. My husband even has joined me too. Learned the hard way quickly, at what antics companies pull tto make a buck. At first I was going to quit. But see the benefits. If only to clean my home and it smell so so good. Or pain relief for us both naturally. I do hope to be able to get the oils my body is drawn to. The fall is coming and my light bill will go down;) Wooohoo. Cannot wait!;)

Thank you tho, for giving me the hope to still create "my" own natural line again;) I cannot wait to make that 1st winning Kai or Child all my own.

My husband dreams of a transatlantic cruise. Will buy the tickets, go to Fl. and buy him clothes there. Then surprise him by getting on that ocean liner, balcony of coarse. Then a better life for us both.

sunflower said...

I wanted to add, I spoke with Stylla, the lady who runs the aromatherapy school...? Down in Fl....she is truely amazing and has so much knowledge as yourself. I have no doubt you know or of her. She was who taught me about your body asking for what it needs. I told her I was shocked at how all of a sudden, I LOVED the deeper bottom notes. Outside of patchouly and any type musk I think...adore those. Vanilla even bothered me if to strong!

I told her of a story about how I learned I now liked them. Won't/can't share publicly. It is pretty funny tho.

Our bodies are truely amazing. I always knew and trusted w/food cravings. My 2 favorite things of all are excellent food and fragrance;)

Can you give me a simple recipie with EO's for a clean cotton/denim recipie with maybe a soft floral thrown in please? It amazes me how a mixture of certain oils can create a scent like that. Or how Harry Slatkin used certain EO's to get apple crunble. Just mind boggling. And BBW got rid of that as soon as I made my DARN..I didnt write it down.